RimWrapz Kit FAQs

RimWrapz Kits FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any other questions shoot them to us at info@rimwrapz.com.

Do I have to tear my rims apart, de-lace them to install RimWrapz Kits
NO. Our kits are designed for easy installation, on the bike. They go around the spokes from each side using multiple pieces. Large bikes are 3 pieces per side, small bikes are 2 pieces.
Are the RimWrapz Kits hard to install
No. Not as difficult as it may appear. The kits are designed to follow the natural curve of the rim, once secured in place and after good prep work, they lay down relatively easily.
How long do RimWrapz Kits take to install
Starting with a clean bike, with the rims detailed maybe a couple hours. Prep work counts, every square millimeter should be free of dirt and grease so that takes a bit of work.
What are RimWrapz Kits made of
Our kits are made using the latest, longest lasting and best performing cast vinyl and laminates from 3M then precision cut with digital cutters.
Where are RimWrapz Kits made
RimWrapz is based in the US, everything is MADE IN THE U.S.A. The materials from 3M come from one of their manufacturing facilities around the globe.
How Long will they last on my bike?
There are a lot of factors, but they hold up very well. The material is rated at 7 years, with good prep work and application they can last for years with regular riding.
Can RimWrapz Kits be removed
Yes. The material is designed to protect paint and be removed from exotic cars. Using a little heat, some elbow grease and mixture of alcohol and orange hand cleaner will take them and the adhesive residue off. The longer they have been on, the longer it may take.
What about maintenance
Wash them like normal. Pressure washers are fine using a straight nozzle direction at seams. If you take a 24500psi stream and hold it at the right spot on seams you will probably get it to come up. Don't do that...
What if the seems start coming up
There is enough overlap provided so you can simply take a razor blade and trim the offending edge thats coming up. This may be necessary depending on many factors.
How do I remove them?
A little heat supplied by a hair dryer or light heat gun use and some elbow grease. The adhesive residue can be removed completely using a little rubbing alcohol and orange hand cleaner.