Protect. Protect the original finish of your OEM rims with our NEW! RimWrapz Kits. Easy installation, long lasting protection and custom graphics available.
RimWrapz Kits

Customer Quotes

I was skeptical how easy installation would be, but was amazed with how easily the RimWrapz Kit went on. Looking forward to keeping the black rims on my new bike knick free.

– Greg, USA

Much easier installation than I imagined, very happy with the end results and my kid loves the graphics.

– John, USA


Use any graphic on our Kits, Wheel Sets or Rim Hoops. We can use your choice of Excel, DID, Faster USA, Talon, DNA or the hardware of your choice.

With our equipment we can apply any custom or stock graphic to any spoked rim from .75" to 10" wide. We can also do custom applications for cast and machined aluminum rims.

RimWrapz Custom Skull Wheels

Wheel Sets

We build custom wrapped wheel sets, with any hardware and any graphics. Our long lasting and proven process provides man years of maintenance free protection for your rims. CLICK HERE

RimWrapz Custom Rim Hoops

RimWrapz Tools

Our RimWrapz rim wrapping stands let you wrap any rim up to 10 inches wide. Using our proven process, tools and materials you get quality, long lasting results. Have questions, ASK HERE.

RimWrapz Kit

RimWrapz Kitz

RimWrapz kits allow you to add color or graphics, and protection, to your OEM rims without the need to de-lace. Simply follow our installation instructions. New packaging and format coming soon! CLICK HERE

RimWrapz Hoops

Custom Rim Hoops

We can design, produce any graphic on any spoked, unlaced rim up to 10" wide. Our process provides long lasting protection as well as customization. New rim hoops from Excell, DID, any manufacturer. CLICK HERE

RimWrapz News

New Faces at RimWrapz World Headquarters

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 19:41

Rimwrapz welcomes Matthew Healy and Alicia Healy to the graphics and production staff. Alicia has experience in various facets of marketing and makes amazing cup cakes. Matthew will be doing graphics and working on the production side of things. 

Wrap Your Own Rims - with RimWrapz Stands

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 19:45

The first production run of our RimWrapz Stands are scheduled for August delievery. This device lets you wrap any rim while being held securely in place. Combined with our process and procedure guide you can produce quality, long lasting results in house. More details coming soon. If you would like information sooner please use our contact form.

New Web Site Launched

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 19:54

Obviously, the new RimWrapz web site is up and running. New content, designs and functionality and a shopping cart for Kitz are still being added. The web store should be live by July. Take a look at our Wheel Builder and get a quote before you order your next set of rims.